About Ceramics

All of my ceramics are handmade, hand glazed and hand painted. My husband Steve makes the ceramics using slip casting into moulds. He then cleans them. At this stage it is called green ware. We then fire the ceramics. After the first firing the pieces are now called bisque. The pieces are then hand glazed and I individually hand paint all of the pieces. We apply 3-4 coats of glaze and fire the piece again. If we are not happy with the end result we will fire again to obtain the richness of colour that we want.

So as you can see it is quite labour intensive and time consuming. Every piece is individually made and always fires differently depending where it sits in the kiln and how many pieces are on the shelf. So no two pieces ever look exactly the same.

My ceramics are individual pieces of art and make beautiful gifts. They are something that you can have out on display and use as well. 



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